The ministries of Mt. Hebron MBC exist to encourage spiritual growth and discipleship by the effective display of the love of Christ through service. We strive to create opportunities for our members, and those who have a heart to serve to exercise their gifts and talents for the building up of the Kingdom.


Our ministries have been designed to minister to the “whole” man (or woman) and reach the needs of the people.  Whether it’s a smile and warm welcome at the door from a greeter, a game of basketball, or a fervent prayer from an alter worker or intercessor – We pray that you are blessed by our ministries, and that you experience the love of Christ.


If you are interested in joining a ministry as a member or a volunteer or need general information, please contact our ministry department by emailing

Pastoral Staff


Deacons are those persons of Mt. Hebron MBC who have been ordained to nurture and strength families in the Lord. The work of the deacons is an extension of the Pastor’s ministry to love and care for families and to service as ministers of mercy to the congregation. Deacons are also involved in the administration of two ordinances of the church, namely Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion. This department offers valuable assistance to fellow members who are unable to get to church on their own. They provide transportation services to and from Church Services.


This Ministry is to care for and assist the needs of the overall congregation. Wherever there are sick and shut-in members as well as members in need of prayer, the Deaconess Ministry will be there to help. They are responsible for the preparation of Holy Communion and Baptism along with the Mother’s Board.


Mother's Board
Serving as examples of purity and holiness to the younger women, these elder and wise women of the church are here to counsel, advise and encourage. They are responsible for the preparation of Holy Communion and Baptism along with the Deaconess Ministry.


Pastor's Aide
An indispensable department that is responsible for meeting and tending to the needs of the Pastor and the first Family. They ensure the comfort of the aforementioned and provide assistance when needed.


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Business Operations & Administration

Business Admin

This Business Admin manages all business related matters of Mt. Hebron including but not limited to financial management, advising,  reporting, and public relations.  



This department handles the counting and accounting for all financial contributions made to the church. They also provide updates after each service and submit reports on income and expenditures.


Secretarial Ministry

This Secretarial Ministry is responsible for maintenance of church records, member management, internal and external communications, and stationery. They are also responsible for any special projects that may arise.


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Christian Education
This department  encompasses all education ministries. It’s goal is to foster spiritual growth and knowledge of the Bible.


New Members 
This ministry serves as the initial orientation of the new members and informs them of the doctrine, various ministries and organizations of the church. The ministy holds classes for new members on Sunday mornings.


Sunday School
This Sunday School department is responsible for the continual christian education of Mt. Hebron's members, and helps the students to learn more about God's Word, and know how to apply it to their daily lives.


Men's Department
This department is designed to enrich and empower the men of Mt. Hebron to conduct themselves as responsible men who love the Lord and serve as examples for our young men to become God-fearing, holy young adults. All male Mt. Hebron members are inherently and automatically a part of this department.  


Women's Department
All female Mt. Hebron members are inherently and automatically a part of this Department. This Department is dedicated to creating events that will develop God-centered, self-empowered, self-confident women who strive for excellence, and support Mt. Hebron in every endeavor.


Youth Department
This Department works with all the young people up until the age of 20. They plan activities for the youth that are aimed at training youth into discipled adults, and keeping them involved in the church while fostering fellowship among the children and teaching Christian values.



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Fine Arts

Psalm 149:1 "Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congregation of saints." The Mt. Hebron Music department encompasses the Band, Praise and Worship Team, The Mt. Hebron Mass, Youth and Men’s Choirs and musical arrangements for special events.


This department handles the audio, photography, videotaping and duplication of all weekly services and special events. They are responsible for keeping our website up to date.  


Yadda Praise Dance Ministry
This department is on the mission to spread the good news of the Lord; while redeeming souls, restoring faith, and relaying God's message through the worship of dance. 

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Warmly greeting and welcoming both visitors and members alike, the Hospitality department is the "first face of Mt. Hebron MBC." They are responsible for meeting the needs of our leaders, special guests, and ministers through cordial, joyful and cheerful service.


Parking Lot Ministry
This Department is responsible for the safety of the Pastor, members and visitors during service. They additionally patrol the parking lot, surrounding streets, and secure the church building after every service. They also provide valet parking services for the Elderly and medically handicapped.



This Department is a vital function to the orderliness of the church. The Ushers' pleasantly greet members and visitors, maintain crowd control and assist in receiving tithes and offerings. They also distribute the weekly programs and visitor cards.


Culinary Ministry
This Department is strives to glorify God by providing excellence in food service. This ministry consists of men and women who serve the body with the skills and knowledge of cooking. Assisting other ministries when asked with their projects when food is involved, and maintaining a safe, clean kitchen and reception area.


The nurse ministry consists of Registered Nurses and individuals with special training in health ministry.  The Nurse Ministry is committed to meeting the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the whole person in achieving wellness.


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